Everyone Is Seeking God


Whether they know it or not, everyone is seeking God. As Paramahansa Yogananda explained in a December 9, 1945 talk at the Self-Realization Fellowship Hollywood Temple:

God is ever trying to draw His children back to their inherent perfection. That is why you will see even in evil people there is a search for God, though it may not be pronounced as such. Can you find an evil person who wants to derive misery from his actions? No. He thinks his pursuits are going to give him a good time. The man who drinks or takes dope thinks he will get pleasure from it. Everywhere you will see people, good and evil, searching in their own way for happiness. No one wants to hurt himself. Then why do people behave in an evil way that is bound to cause pain and sorrow? Such actions arise from the greatest of all sins—ignorance. “Wrongdoer” is the right word rather than “sinner.” You may condemn wrongdoing but should not condemn the doer. Sins are errors committed under the influence of ignorance, or delusion. But for a different degree of understanding, you might be in the same boat.

Yogananda went on to say:

The point is, in everything we do we are seeking happiness. No one can truthfully say he is a materialist, because anyone who is seeking happiness is seeking God.

That last sentence is so supremely profound that it jumped off the page when I read it. In the darkness of delusion, we believe that we are separate from God, that we are alone and unprotected in an uncaring, unforgiving world. Every time we seek happiness through worldly means, we are unwittingly seeking the perfection that is our birthright, for every soul is a spark of the divine.

Forced to express itself through the filter of the ego, the soul’s longing for perfection is directed toward ephemeral worldly pleasures that by their very nature are incapable of producing last happiness.

Ultimately, everyone who seeks happiness or pleasure in any form is seeking God. Unless they do so with conscious awareness that only God-communion can bestow true soul joy, they are destined to discover that the object of their seeking is an inferior substitute that inevitably leads to disappointment, anguish or sorrow. It cannot be otherwise.

I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,
The Astonishing Light of your own Being.

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