Laurie Baum’s Astrological Forecast for 2015

Laurie Baum

Laurie Baum

This comprehensive astrological forecast for 2015 was written by my good friend Laurie Baum, MSW, a psychological astrologer and psychotherapist in practice in Encinitas, California. As you can see from her video above and her article below, Laurie integrates the wisdom of natural patterns in the heavens with spirituality and psychological insights.

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Personally, I never had much of an appreciation for astrology and just didn’t care enough about the subject to investigate it further. Then two things happened.

First, I happened to read a chapter in a life-changing book that burned off the fog of ignorance and answered every question I had about astrology. It was written with clarity, precision, wit and wisdom, and I felt the subject come brilliantly alive for me as I read it. Click here to read that excerpt on astrology.

Second, I had an hour-long astrological reading with Laurie Baum. We discussed every area I could think of: health, relationships, finances, lessons in need of learning, major life changes to come. Not only did she nail everything—and I mean everything—about me, but she provided very helpful insights that will help me navigate the years ahead with more confidence and authority. It was uncanny: everything she told me aligned perfectly with what my intuition had long been telling me; but she also went far beyond that point and gave me much to think about. This reading with Laurie gave me a much deeper appreciation of the value of astrology and a more profound respect for its power. Thank you, Laurie!

NOTE: After this post appeared, Alan, a very spiritually minded friend of mine, e-mailed me: “Given your glowing recommendations I just sent Laurie an email requesting a reading.” Three days later, Alan sent me this note: “I had a wonderful astrology reading experience with Laurie. She was able to deliver insightful information in a comprehensive and compassionate manner. I found it timely and useful on many levels so I thank you for introducing me to her.”

You, too, can benefit from Laurie’s wisdom. She writes a free astrological newsletter about how planetary alignments affect our lives on earth. Click here to e-mail Laurie to subscribe at no cost, or visit Laurie’s website and click on “Free Email Newsletter.”

Laurie is a former newspaper and news magazine reporter who is profiled in the books Psychic New York and The 100 Top Psychics in America. She is the author of five books:

A to Z Acrophonology: Discover the Power of the Letters in Your Name

Everything You Need to Know About Your Astrology Sign

Whispers from the Cosmos

Sacred Mysteries of Egypt

Astrological Secrets for the New Millennium

Laurie also offers counseling appointments by phone. She will answer your questions about major life decisions and talk with you about the reasons you have incarnated, the lessons you are here to learn, where you are on the wheel of karma, and the psychological developmental cycles you have been through and are going through. She will look at current influences on your health, finances, relationships, career, and any relocation plans that may be necessary. She also will look ahead with you at the next seven years of your life. A reading with Laurie can help you take the next step in your life. Sessions, which are available via landline phone or Skype (audio or video), are digitally recorded.

To make an appointment with Laurie, click here to e-mail Laurie or call her at (760) 753-7676. Click here to visit Laurie’s website for more information.



The Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, arrives on Sunday, December 21. The Winter Solstice is a time to celebrate the return of the light as the days become longer after the solstice arrives. The power of the changing angle of the Sun at the Solstice also intensifies the potency of your prayers, thoughts and affirmations. Use this period to focus on positive intentions as you get ready to move into a time of accelerated and dynamic growth in 2015.

We will take a collective sigh of relief after March 17, 2015, when Uranus, planet of revolutionary change in fiery Aries, makes its seventh of seven square angles in the heavens with transformational Pluto in Capricorn. Planets usually align with each other three to five times; this unusual seven-time line-up has been responsible for much of the disorder and change we have experienced since 2012. In the calm after the storm, you will feel freer to pursue new life-enhancing activities—with less resistance—because the groundbreaking action of Uranus and Pluto have broken up or eroded so many attitudes and patterns that have kept you from seeing new and progressive possibilities.

We also will enter a new phase of growth in human awareness in 2015 as a portal for accelerated spiritual growth opens in the celestial spheres.

You will reach a crossroads between a spiritual or a materially-oriented direction in 2015. If you focus on spiritual activities, introspection, self-awareness, healing, meditation and prayer, you will feel peace and calm as your energy pulls into your body and consolidates in your spine. Then you will have a chance to consciously channel your energy “upward” toward Spirit.

On the other hand, if you devote yourself to external activities, rapid communications and affairs of others, planetary patterns will pull your energy out and dissipate it into the swirling currents around you. You will feel that you have less conscious control of your life force, and it will more easily be pulled outward and downward due to the prevailing thought patterns and energy waves on Earth.

The external pull of material activity will be hard to resist as the pace of communications accelerates in 2015. Yet the spiritual energies will be so strong that it will also be hard to resist the spiritual vibrations that you will bring to yourself through introspection, contemplation, meditation and prayer. Each will be equally intense and consuming, and it will be impossible to stand still amidst competing currents. You will be pulled in one direction or the other even if you don’t commit. It will be beneficial to focus your energy so that you may use the strong incoming energies to your greatest advantage.

Nonetheless, it will be hard not to feel bombarded by the outpouring of new ideas due to the technologically supported cross-currents of information cascading across the globe. Each new idea will spawn a series of reactions that will catalyze even more new ideas and reactions, creating a snowball effect of accelerating ideational mutations. It could be fun at first, but ultimately, you will need quiet to process and integrate all the information that comes to you. You will need time to assimilate many new influences that will be generated by the interactions and reactions of the rapid cross-fertilization of minds across the globe.

Your most precious resource in the storm of activity will be time. You will crave free time to process the avalanche of information by which you will be inundated. You will need solitude to maintain your center amidst the deluge of new influences. You will treasure quiet space so you may feel calm and peaceful and slow down to a rate that is compatible with, and supportive of, your physical body. You will value things like time in nature, physical exercise, or greater emphasis on eating foods that are nurtured by the energy of the earth, including nuts, fruits, vegetables and pure water. In essence, you will need to find a means for coming into a natural rhythm to reduce the anxiety and frenetic feelings you or others around you will feel.

You will experience a quickening of the rate at which you process information as technology increasingly touches even the most intimate areas of your life. Your relationships with computers, smart phones and tablets may even seem to supplant your relationships with people. While technology presently is leading to greater self-absorption and some negative manifestations, it will ultimately assist in our evolution toward a more egalitarian social consciousness. All will have equal access and equal chance for their voices to be heard due to the ubiquitous platforms for self-expression. As these platforms evolve, we will become increasingly able and willing to govern ourselves through electronic means rather than through existing governmental bodies, which will become increasingly ineffectual or oppressive.

Astrologically, a series of Lunar and Solar Eclipses in 2015 will contribute to the greater exchange of ideas across the globe and a concurrently heightened sense of turbulence. During the eclipse periods (dates listed below), the weather may become even more inclement and unpredictable, with sudden storms, flooding and subsequent long dry spells. The change-producing eclipses occur on March 20, April 4, September 13 and September 28, 2015.

The presence of karmic Saturn in the spiritual sign of Sagittarius, from December 23, 2014 to June 15 2015, and again from September 18, 2015 to December 20, 2017, will help usher in a state of higher spiritual awareness. Saturn was last in Sagittarius from 1985 to 1987. At that time, many people began to awaken to the connection between heavenly movements and human activities under the powerful influence of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, which included the last passage of karmic Saturn through Sagittarius (1985-1987). Saturn in Sagittarius (2014-2017) will intensify your focus on spiritual activities, spiritual ritual and routine, philosophical study, global inter-connectedness, synchronicity, the power of your thoughts and the experience of faith.

Transcendent Neptune also will be in the devotional sign of Pisces until 2026, and will be activated in 2015 by an alignment with spiritual Jupiter in Virgo on September 17, 2015. Saturn will then form an alignment with mystical Neptune on November 26, 2015.

These three important spiritual alignments will present pivotal turning points for humankind in our collective evolution. There will be abundant room for growth and change in a positive, upward direction. But as often happens when a gateway opens, there will be several paths that can be taken. In this case, one path will lead toward calmness, generosity, peace, harmony and spiritual growth. The other path will lead toward materiality and the temptations of greed, financial acquisition, competitiveness and aggression. Often, a downward or negative force may try to take advantage of the disorder created by the rapid change.

It will be important to strengthen your resolve and determination to consciously take the upward path. By choosing this path, you will experience longer periods of inner calmness and internal peace and harmony. These qualities will assist you to think of others and include them in your abundance. If you choose the path of materiality, on the other hand, you may feel your insatiable material desires only growing, without a sense of calm or satisfaction. You may also feel drawn into the greater swirl of interpersonal drama that won’t necessarily lead toward beneficial conclusions or uplifting life lessons.

As a result of the plentiful latitude for moving in either a positive or negative direction in 2015, please be mindful of the power of your thoughts and prayers, attitudes, actions and decisions. Your choices will be manifold—and important—in defining your future course. Your movement will be rapid and accelerated. Sit quietly and meditate before important choices and crossroads. Listen to your inner guidance and intuition. Your intuition is the principle method that your soul uses to reach your conscious mind.

You will not always be able to depend upon outer institutions to guide you during the coming year. These bastions of “security” are starting to fail and fall away. It’s only a matter of time before this accelerating trend is publicly recognized and admitted. As paternalistic institutions (such as banks, insurance companies and governments) function less effectively, your stronger core of Self will emerge to guide you. You will increasingly express yourself in more authentic, egalitarian and humanitarian ways. Greater individual strength will result. So, while outer resources will be lessened, your internal resources will grow.

Use the coming time to pray and meditate as much as possible to receive positive energy and guidance for yourself and others. Send positive thoughts, intentions and healing prayers to yourself and others so that we all advance together to a higher state. We are on a journey of collective evolution, and the greater momentum created by larger numbers moving forward together will ease the transition and smooth the journey for all.

Also please note that significant manipulation of weather patterns through government weather modification programs (caused by satellites and aerial spraying) will continue to disrupt normal weather and cause unpredictable climate changes—in addition to the disturbances already produced by the abundant and active planetary patterns (see below). Please pray for stability in the outer environment so that you may experience a stable inner environment from which to launch your positive progress in 2015.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda

Modern chaotic conditions all over the world are the result of living by ungodly ideals. Individuals and nations can be protected from utter destruction if they live by heavenly ideals of brotherhood, industrial cooperation, and international exchange of earthly goods and experiences.
Paramahansa Yogananda, Where There is Light



December 23, 2014 until June 15, 2015 and September 18, 2015 to December 20, 2017 — Saturn in Sagittarius (Saturn was last in Sagittarius from 1985 to 1987) — Focus on spirituality, spiritual practice, and faith.
January 21 to February 11, 2015, Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius — Connect with friends and associates from the past.
March 3, 2015 — Jupiter trine Uranus — The rapid pace of change accelerates.
March 17, 2015 — 7th of 7 alignments of Uranus and Pluto — You will witness innovative transformations of society as greater order emerges from disorder that has been created.
March 20, 2015 — Total Eclipse of the Sun — This Solar Eclipse will be partially visible in Iceland, Europe, northern Asia, and northern Africa. — The Eclipse will re-activate energies initiated by the U.S. invasion of Iraq on this date in 2003.
April 4, 2015 — Total Eclipse of the Moon — This Lunar Eclipse will be visible in North and South America, Australia, India, and Asia — Separations in relationships will be healed.
May 19 to June 11, 2015 — Mercury Retrograde — Communications and commerce will slow down. The normal pace of communications and commerce will resume in late June-early July.
June 22, 2015 — Jupiter trine Uranus — The rapid pace of change will accelerate.
July 25, 2015 to September 6, 2015 — Venus Retrograde — You will have an opportunity to heal relationships from the past and resolve outstanding issues.
August 3, 2015 — Jupiter square Saturn — The limits of governmental power and regulations will be tested. You may experience limits on your ability to express your personal power when you meet with regulations and restrictions. Confrontations with authority figures will occur. Greater autonomy will ensue as a backlash against overly strong expressions of authority.
August 11, 2015 — Jupiter enters Virgo for the first time since September 2004 — Jupiter will remain in Virgo until September 9, 2016 — You will benefit from your focus on healing, diet, daily rhythms, and routines.
September 13, 2015 — Partial Eclipse of the Sun — This Solar Eclipse will be visible from southern Africa only. Organized systems will be under chaotic influences.
September 17, 2015 — Jupiter opposite Neptune — Your intuition is heightened.
September 17 to October 9, 2015 — Mercury Retrograde in Libra — You have an opportunity to heal unresolved relationships, through diplomacy and openness to new perspectives.
September 28, 2015 — Total Eclipse of the Moon — This Lunar Eclipse will be visible from North and South America, Europe, western Asia, India, and Africa. — You will see new perspectives that will facilitate greater agreement among differing parties.
October 11, 2015 — Jupiter trine Pluto — You will benefit from the accelerated pace of change.
November 12, 2015 — North Node of the Moon enters Virgo until May 9, 2017 — You will benefit by focusing on healing, diet, and on streamlining daily routines.
November 26, 2015 — Saturn square Neptune — Spiritual practice and discipline will bring plentiful and tangible benefits.

* All dates are calculated for Greenwich Mean Time

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