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Millennials Rising — Jon Block

March 5, 2017

woman-carrying-world-earthYou’ve likely heard the stereotypes about millennials: They’re a generation of entitled misfits. They lack a strong work ethic. They’re only interested in activities that offer immediate gratification.

You want the truth? This generation isn’t going to wreck the world. They’re going to save it.

If millennials feel entitled to anything, it’s the opportunity to be passionately engaged in a vision they can pour their entire heart and soul into. Show them what success looks like, then get out of the way and watch what awesome looks like.

I’d like to introduce you to Jon Block, one of nine millennials I interviewed who have faced and overcome significant obstacles that stood in the way of their goals and dreams. It’s a privilege to share their inspiring life stories with you here.

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Jon Block

Jon Block

Jon Block, born in 1980, is the founder of Speaker Venture, a national training and networking organization for speakers designed to transform individuals and businesses. Their live events help entrepreneurs master public speaking, land more speaking gigs, and launch and spread their global movements.

When I was seven years old, I knew I was going to be a Hollywood screenwriter. Even then, it was clear to me that my life’s work would be driven by passion and purpose. It was also clear to me that most adults don’t live that way, and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why.

Thanks to my parents’ emotional and financial support, I got into what is now called the USC School of Cinematic Arts, the best film school in the world. My favorite class came during my senior year. It was taught by a literary manager who had just landed a couple of deals in the seven-figure range for USC grads who were only a few years older than me. At the end of the semester he (more…)