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Sign Up for “Notes from the Universe”

November 13, 2008

Mike Dooley

I just signed up to get regular, personalized Notes from the Universe e-mails from Mike Dooley‘s TUT’s Adventurers Club. Dooley describes them as “short and often humorous reminders of life’s magic and your divinity.” They’re free and sent out five days a week. Here’s a sample:

Life, what a trip! One minute you’re born, the next you die. Then, one day, you stand back and say:
“Aye yai yai! Was that ever believable, or what?! First I thought I was this and then I thought I was that, then I became this and then that. Hold on now, why are you looking at me like that? Wait a minute… OHMYGOSH! There was a pattern! Holy cow! You mean I could have thought anything… and been anything?! But what about limits? How could that be? What do you mean pie in the sky? Dreams come true? Infinite possibilities?” 
Fortunately, Phil, there’s still time…
The Universe

Here’s another one:

An unmistakable trait of every true genius, Phil, is their persistent awareness of how much more there is to know. And an unmistakable trait of every true sage is their persistent awareness of how much more there is to love.

Loving you more today than yesterday,
The Universe

On his website, Dooley explains that TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) (more…)