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Accepting the Gift of Financial Abundance

December 13, 2008

pile-of-cash-money-billsI started my adult life in debt and have been scrambling to recover ever since. Looking back, I don’t think my consciousness was oriented toward scarcity or prosperity; money was simply a tool that allowed me to get by for another month.

In my mid-thirties, after reading Creating Money, which laid out the spiritual dynamics of financial abundance, I decided to reprogram the way I looked at money. I’m a big believer in the transformative power of affirmations so I regularly affirmed the following:

I am financially independent and free.
I always have much more money coming in than going out.
Thank you, God, for bringing so much money into my life.
I gladly accept all the abundance the universe has to offer.
All the money I spend brings me joy.

creating-money-book-coverDid it work? Yes and no. The affirmations reduced my stress level about finances and heightened my appreciation of what did come into my life, but the floodgates of material wealth remained bolted shut. I sensed that I was holding back, but didn’t know why. (more…)