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We Choose Our Joys and Sorrows

December 22, 2009

As awareness grows, we realize that adversarial relationships are an illusion, and that every difficult encounter has been divinely orchestrated.

Before incarnating, we agreed to participate in situations on earth that would help us learn pivotal lessons, achieve our life’s purpose, and advance our spiritual growth.

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.
Kahlil Gibran

From this perspective. every quarrel, every betrayal, every hostility becomes a gift, an opportunity to grow and evolve.

If you accept that such sacred contracts exist between (more…)

You May Be Right About That

July 19, 2009

Long ago, I knew that my life’s work was to encourage and inspire people to live more positive, healthy lives. Occasionally, I’ve encountered people who disagree with my premises on spirituality and feel compelled to tell me—often very stridently—how misguided I am.

I like being challenged, but only in the spirit of Let’s both learn from this, not in the spirit of I’m right, you’re wrong, and my way is the only way. At first, I tried to answer such attacks, thinking that perhaps we could at least have a cordial discussion even if we ultimately agreed to disagree.


Wayne Dyer

I quickly discovered that I was being naive. I like the way Wayne Dyer handles this. When somebody tries to criticize him in a non-constructive way, he replies with six words—”You may be right about that”—and moves on.

Wayne is a very wise man. Every minute he devotes to a dead-end argument is a minute taken away form his mission of helping others improve their lives. Therefore, I decided to spend all of my time and energy on people who are open to my message and are actively working to better their lives. If someone is abusive, I will (more…)

Love + Forgiveness = Relationship Repair

December 4, 2008

My mom and me

From the beginning, my mom and my wife were at odds with each other, and neither had any qualms about offering her opinion. I often felt caught in the middle. The conflict finally reached critical mass after I had a particularly bitter argument with my mom. I smugly wrote her a letter telling her she would no longer be in my life, and felt completely justified in sending it. What a clueless, self-righteous dolt I was! My dad told me later that my mom cried when she read the letter and had trouble sleeping for days afterward.

It didn’t take long for my mom and me to start talking again, but something important was missing. She had doted on me from the day I was born and we had always had a wonderful, loving relationship. But there was now a distance between us. I even stopped telling her I loved her because I couldn’t pretend that the purity of our relationship had been restored.

I don’t remember how long the rift between us lasted. It may have been months, but it seemed like years. Over time, it gradually dissipated until one day there was no longer any resentment or bruised feelings. We both had awakened to the understanding that love is what matters most. We also understood that we had both acted very foolishly.

My mom traces her wake-up call to (more…)