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Synchronicity of a Song

June 25, 2010

English singer David Gray unknowningly prompted an Irish businessman to contact me

I received a gift of synchronicity on my birthday, June 17, from Eoin Barry, an Irish businessman who came upon my blog by chance. Then the story gets really interesting! Here is Eoin’s e-mail:

I have just read your blog. I was led to it by “accident”…. well I was sitting in the back garden pondering things and the radio was on in the background, in the kitchen. I went in, stood by it for a moment and closed my eyes thinking and connecting. A song by David Gray came on the radio: A Moment Changes Everything. I turned off the radio and retuned to my pc. I typed it, the title, into Google. Not looking up the song – just because I felt “inspired” to. Your YouTube book promotion video came up. I clicked on it and saw the cover of your book. When the cover was presented on the screen it was interesting to note that coincidentally the same image on the cover is the one I chose for (more…)