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Barbara Winter’s Epiphany On a Bicycle Path

October 15, 2009

Barbara Winter

I love the story that Barbara Winter told me for my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. Enlightenment used to be the province of monasteries; nowadays, you may experience a mystical awakening during a stroll with your daughter! Here is Barbara’s very cool story, beginning with her bio.

Winter, the author of Making A Living Without A Job, is a self-employment advocate who travels the world encouraging and inspiring people through her writing and seminars to choose their right livelihood. Her newsletter, Winning Ways, which helps readers “turn passions into profits,” has been inspiring readers for more than twenty years. Click here to visit Barbara’s website.

One sunny afternoon twenty years ago, when my daughter Jennie was ten, we set out to visit my parents’ house in Santa Barbara, California, for an informal family gathering. Jennie was riding her bike and I was walking along behind her on a little bicycle path. Two blocks into our mile-and-a-half walk, completely out of nowhere, an absolutely wonderful (more…)

Living in Synchronicity City

August 24, 2008

Barbara Winter

In the course of a writing project, I e-mailed Barbara Winter, author of the classic Making A Living Without A Job, to ask her where I could find the passage in her book where she introduced the concept of multiple income channels. She e-mailed back:

Someone just mentioned that very passage to me. But where? You won’t believe this . . . there’s a letter on my desk that has the answer! I got this lovely letter from a woman in Ohio and she said, “I thoroughly embraced the idea on page 214, ‘start thinking of your job as one of your profit centers.’ So what are the odds of that?”