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Work Through Your Relationship Grief

September 27, 2008

Last summer, my marriage ended. I didn’t want it to, but the gap between our lifestyles kept widening, and splitting up soon became the obvious course of action. I was heartbroken, but from the start I recognized that there was great value in my grieving process.

I’m sharing what I went through in the hope that the process that helped me recover relatively quickly may offer some comfort to others who are hurting. It took me four months to heal, which is far better than four years . . . or forever. You can recover from a broken heart. You can heal. You can be whole again.


Be Your Authentic Self!

August 29, 2008

After reading my blog, a friend told me today that he was impressed with my courage to write so openly and honestly about my views. I told him it wasn’t courage at all, that I was simply being myself.

Then again, it wasn’t too long ago when I would have hesitated to share my thoughts on life and spirituality with anyone and everyone. I worried about what people would think and wanted everyone to like me. (Good luck with that!)

What changed? I guess I simply decided that life was too short not to be authentic in every moment. Sure, I might alienate some people, but that loss would be more than offset by the deeper connections I would forge with people who valued emotionally intimate relationships.