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We See Nothing But Sand

December 8, 2011

Today is an ordinary day. Think back to another ordinary day ten years ago. You woke up, started your routine, did what you do every day, and hit the pillow like you do every night.

Yet, if you could have that ten-year-old day back, I bet you’d like to do things differently. For starters:

• Who would you track down to say “I love you”?

• Who would you have spent time with and what would you have done together?

• What goal or dream of yours would you have taken time to advance?

The good news is, you have today, another ordinary day, to answer and act on these questions, to ensure that ten years from now you will look back on today with satisfaction rather than regret.

Make this ordinary day extraordinary:

• Tell someone—no, tell (more…)

A Prayer for Sending People Light and Love

September 20, 2008


When someone is in need of healing, whether I know them well or not at all, I visualize them while saying the following prayer.

I send you love and light, my friend, from my heart to yours—to love you, to protect you, to guide you, to heal you, to cherish you, to comfort you. God bless you, my friend. You are beautiful and you are loved.

Know that the loving (more…)

Best. Gift. Ever.

September 8, 2008

Two years ago, my mom, Sandy, and my daughter, Erin, each said that the present I put together for their birthday was the best gift they had ever received.

If you’re searching for that perfect gift for a loved one, I hope you give this a shot. It’s the ideal present for birthdays, holidays or just because.


My mom reads her Appreciation Album

What is it? An Appreciation Album filled with letters from friends and loved ones telling the recipient how much he or she means to them.

Start by making a list of everyone who the recipient is or has been close to. Reach far back into the past and cast a wide net in the present. For both my mom and my daughter, I was able to collect around 50 letters.


Dads, Cherish Your Kids!

August 16, 2008

dad-throwing-daughterSoon after my divorce, I realized I had a choice. I could either spend prodigious amounts of time and money on pursuing romantic relationships or I could direct those resources toward deepening my relationship with my teenage daughter. Talk about a no-brainer. There would always be time to date. My daughter would be young only once.

Dads, if you’re looking for love, if you’re looking for meaning, look no further than your own living room. Whether they’re toddlers or teenagers, your children will soak up as much love as you can give them and return it tenfold.

The first step is to listen to them with full attention. And don’t just ask what happened at school that day. Ask them how they feel about it. (Closed circuit to dads with daughters: she doesn’t want you to solve her problems, she just wants you to listen to them. Trust me on this one.)

Think up some fun ways to demonstrate to your kids how much you love and cherish them. For example: (more…)

Be Proactive—Create Your Own Sacred Moments!

August 3, 2008
My little bear cub

My little bear cub

News flash: You don’t have to wait for sacred moments to come to you. Create your own by listening to your heart. Years ago, when my daughter was young, I’d stand in the doorway to her bedroom, watching her sleep. I’d close my eyes and imagine she was eighteen, pulling out of the driveway, headed for college. As I watched her wave and drive off, I’d pray with all my heart that I could turn back time and spend just five more minutes with her when she was a wee bairn. Then I’d open my eyes and there she was, still my little girl! And we didn’t have just five minutes, we had years! I practiced this “imagine the future” exercise well into her teenage years. Regularly reminding myself that her adulthood was fast approaching helped me cherish every minute we had together. Erin is now (more…)