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Time Flies

December 10, 2011

My childhood days were idyllic and seemed like they would never end. My sister and I still mention in amazement how the summers seemed to go on forever when we were kids. Of course, the older I got, the more that time seemed to speed up. Now it often seems like the day is over before I have a chance to finish breakfast.

Why is it that the speed of life accelerates as we age? One theory posits that children (more…)

No Better Way to Spend an Evening

June 29, 2011

Ted Williams' 1957 card

Last week, Dave, a friend of mine from college, drove an hour to meet me in Minneapolis. It was a special occasion: Nostalgia Night. Dave brought with him a few albums stuffed with baseball cards from 1957 through 1965, the golden age of collecting cards as far as we were concerned.

I remember biking home from the drugstore at seven years old with a box of baseball cards—filled with twenty-four packs at a nickel each—and sitting at our family room table lovingly opening each pack, checking each card against my checklist, and organizing them into appropriate piles. My happiness could not have been more complete.

Paging through Dave’s collection of cardboard gods was at once nostalgic, joyous and therapeutic. Dave said it best: “When I look at these cards, I (more…)