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When Kindness Goes Viral

September 20, 2013

Joey Prusak

Joey Prusak

It all started when a blind man dropped a $20 bill in a Dairy Queen. What store manager Joey Prusak did next was covered by newspapers and television stations all over the world. Here’s the story (with accompanying video) as it appeared on the CBS Minnesota website.

I was especially interested in this story because my wife, daughter and I lived in Hopkins for twelve years and often went to the Dairy Queen on Mainstreet. I still go for chiropractic treatment and massage at Hopkins Health & Wellness Center just down the street; and Frank Harris, the outstanding massage therapist there, is Joey Prusak’s stepfather.

by Edgar Linares

Joey Prusak of Hopkins is still shocked after witnessing someone steal cash from a blind man in the Dairy Queen store he manages.

Prusak said while working the register on Sept. 10 he saw the blind man he was helping drop a $20 bill.

“The lady behind him picked it up really quickly,” Prusak said. “I had no time to say, ‘Sir, you dropped that.’”

Prusak simply thought the woman was going to hand it back to the man as he struggled to put his cash and debt card back in his pocket.

“I expected to her to be like ‘Oh, sir, here you go,’” he said. “But she just stood there and watched him walk by and she then put it in her purse.”

That’s when Prusak asked her to return the money. She refused saying it was hers and that she dropped it by accident. Prusak argued with the woman and then asked her to leave.

“I told her ‘Ma’am, you can (more…)