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Is It True That Everything Happens For a Reason?

April 5, 2009

sad-woman-silhouetteThe idea that there is a loving guidance at work in the Universe is much easier to accept when life is going well. In times of misfortune or grief, it can be difficult to accept those five familiar words invariably offered by well-meaning friends: Everything happens for a reason. Given that Divine guidance may be thwarted by another individual’s act of free will, it is more accurate to say that everything that happens has purpose or creates purpose.

When our world seems especially dark, it does not seem possible that such a statement can be true. We reject it as a rationalization intended to help us cope with tragedy, loss, or disappointment.

Yet if you could rise above your circumstances and look through God’s eyes, you would see that no matter what happens, God works with what happens to guide you back on course—often with new purpose-driven priorities—whenever possible.

If God is guiding each of us with infinite wisdom and deep love, it follows that (more…)

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe on the Healing Power of Love

November 30, 2008

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

I conducted this interview with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe shortly after attending his 1998 weekend workshop, which was truly life-changing. Ibrahim’s love and wisdom resonated deeply within me and I have learned much from him, including the Awareness Release Technique, a powerful method to achieve deep and lasting healing.

We have kept in touch over the years and, in fact, I interviewed him for my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. In that story, he recounts how he redirected his healing path after witnessing a deathbed ritual involving three rabbis and a cage filled with doves.



Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D., a licensed medical doctor, clairvoyant, healer and spiritual teacher, co-founded what is now the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism in 1988. Dr. Jaffe has done extensive research on how emotional and psychological issues alter the human energy field and cause disease. In this interview, Dr. Jaffe discusses the dynamics of energetic healing, his passionate quest to share his knowledge and skills with others, and his belief that all of us can heal our lives by connecting with the deep love of God.

Dr. Jaffe, what role does love play in healing?
Basically, all healing comes from awareness and love: awareness of what has caused the problem and then using that awareness to reconnect the discordant energy back to the deep love of God. The ultimate goal is to immerse yourself completely in the deep love and maintain that connection in every moment of your life, which will prevent disease from ever occurring. (more…)