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Practice Devotion Through Prayer

December 26, 2008

famous-painting-of-praying-handsDevotional prayer does not seek God’s help in acquiring something. It is a heartfelt plea for eternal, unbroken attunement with divine will.

Begin your prayer by silently expressing your boundless love and devotion for God in the language of your heart.

Your words are far less important than the purity and intensity of your yearning. What you are thinking pales in significance to what you are feeling.

When you feel attuned to divine consciousness, you can thank God for all your many blessings or you can simply (more…)

Live Your Life as One Long Prayer

August 30, 2008

joyous-woman-on-beach-arms-raisedWhat is devotion? It is the unceasing practice of acknowledging God’s presence, with the ultimate goal of living your life as one long prayer.

Is it possible to maintain awareness of God’s presence in every moment? Think of it this way: When you fall in love, you hold the thought of your beloved in the back of your mind throughout the day, even while concentrating on difficult tasks. It is not outer activity but inner (more…)