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Perfectly Beautiful, Beautifully Perfect

December 5, 2013

This profoundly moving video delivers a powerful message that we all pay lip service to: Everyone is perfectly beautiful just as they are. But how many of us truly see perfection in the imperfect?

The models and their mannequins

The models and their mannequins

The following article by Anna Hodgekiss of the Daily Mail provides the details of this extraordinary project.


A Swiss charity has created mannequins based on the bodies of disabled people in a bid to raise awareness that no one has a perfect body.

Pro Infirmis, an organisation for people with disabilities, worked with people suffering from scoliosis (a curved spine), shortened limbs and a woman in a wheelchair.


Each had a mannequin made to perfectly reflect their body shape—which, to their delight, was then displayed in a high (more…)

Who Needs Fingers to Play the Piano?

July 13, 2011

Imagine feeling that you were born to play the piano, even though you lived in such a small town that you had never seen a piano until you were sixteen years old.

Now imagine you were born without fingers on your right hand.

Now imagine how nineteen-year-old Zheng Guigui must have persevered to overcome enormous obstacles in order to find herself on (more…)

No Arms, No Legs, No Limits

November 9, 2008

There are always those who walk among us who inspire the world simply by making the best of whatever life has thrown at them. Nick Vujicic is such a man. May your day be (more…)