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Dinner for Angels

March 6, 2011

This weekend I sold a bed for less than I had hoped for, but I also got a great deal on an airline ticket back to Minnesota. When I told my mom about the plane ticket, she pointed out that getting such a great price made up for selling the bed so cheaply. Yep, the universe has a way of balancing the scales.

So it was fitting that I just came across this story by Beaver Brown of Carmichael, California, which was featured in a Guideposts e-letter. Click here to sign up for Guideposts‘ free Mysterious Ways newsletter. You’ll also be able to download a free e-book, Mysterious Ways: 9 Inspiring Stories That Show Evidence of God’s Love and God’s Grace.

A waiter serves a table of true earth angels

I was at the bus stop, heading home after a long, busy night waiting tables at a steak house, when I realized I’d left behind my money pouch, with $70 worth of tips in it! I couldn’t afford to lose a night’s pay.

I ran back into the restaurant. There was no sign of my money. Just imagine you had the night off, I told myself. I’d try to forget about it.

The next night was even (more…)