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Beauty and the Beast of Insecurity

October 18, 2010

Portia de Rossi

As a naive high schooler, I was in awe of pretty girls. I thought they were pretty much perfect creatures who could get lovestruck boys to satisfy their every whim just by batting their eyelashes. Did I mention I was naive? With a capital N?

As I grew older, I realized that good looks, like lots of money or superior intellectual or athletic ability, are no guarantee of happiness and offer no protection from psychological and emotional challenges. Indeed, those who seem to be “the chosen ones” often view their supposed advantages as more curse than blessing.

Case in point: Portia de Rossi—who now goes by her married name, Portia DeGeneres, in private life—an actress whom I, as a (more…)

What Happened to the Child?

November 23, 2008

Many a bewildered parent has wondered how their bright, cheerful grade-school daughter could turn into a sullen, depressed teenager virtually overnight. Clearly, twelve-year-old girls face a tremendous amount of pressure from society, their peers, and themselves. Many girls feel that they cannot perform well academically and still be attractive to boys. And then there is the wholly unattainable Barbie doll model of feminine attractiveness that shreds girls’ self-esteem and spawns potentially fatal eating disorders. (more…)