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Bumbling is Humbling

October 31, 2010

Once I get past my initial dismay over making a dumb mistake or a poor decision, I feel gratitude for having made it. Rather than beat myself up for my errors, I challenge myself to look for the lessons in the mess I just made. Whether you believe that specific things happen in order to deliver specific lessons is irrelevant. No matter what the circumstances are, a brief excursion into introspection never fails to produce ideas on how I can become better and how I can avoid screwing up like that the next time the opportunity presents itself.

It constantly happens that the Lord permits a soul to fall so that it may grow humbler.
Saint Teresa of Avila

My mistakes remind me that perfection is an unreasonable goal and that humility is a necessary portal to enlightenment. Humility in no way (more…)

Prince Poppycock’s Message of Hope and Empowerment

September 11, 2010

Basking in the glow of his selection as one of America’s Got Talent‘s final four contestants, Prince Poppycock (aka John Quale) took the opportunity to offer a poignant message to the disenfranchised youth of America. He looked into the camera and said:

I want to say to every kid out there that feels picked on and feels like an (more…)

Spirit at Work

October 14, 2008

workplace-spirituality-mastheadBack in 1997, when “spirituality” was pretty much a taboo word in the workplace, I wrote this article for a Twin Cities business magazine.  An article like this may have been groundbreaking at the time but it’s nice to know that it would be fairly commonplace today. In fact, some of what I wrote fifteen years ago almost seems a bit quaint after all the progress that’s been made!


‘Spirit’ is a loaded word. Mix it into the dynamics of the workplace and all kinds of red flags spring up. Many businesspeople are immediately drawn to the concept, yet remain deeply suspicious of it.

Perhaps the best way to reconcile these conflicting emotions is simply to define what “spirit at work” really is. Enter Ellen Hufschmidt.

“It means having the courage to bring your whole self to the workplace, to act in accordance with your values and to act with integrity,” says Hufschmidt, an organizational development consultant in Minneapolis. “It means addressing any discrepancy between your values and the demands of work. That’s where it becomes truly difficult, being challenged in those moments of discrepancy. But that’s where spirit at work is. It’s in those moments.” (more…)