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Let Me Play It Today with Joy!

September 9, 2013
Jim Ballard

Jim Ballard

I love this wise and witty update posted by Jim Ballard, a fellow Self-Realization Fellowship devotee. I’m glad that Jim, author of the lovely little book, Little Wave and Old Swell: A Fable of Life and Its Passing, chose to share his epiphany. You may be getting older, Jim, but you still have some swell stories!

I woke up this morning and had what we used to call a BFO (a Blinding Flash of the Obvious). However, that was used in the material sense, as when you are looking all over for your keys while they’re clipped to your belt (an affliction not limited to those of us who are aging). So maybe I should call what I had an SBFO—a Spiritual BFO.

My SBFO happened immediately on opening my eyes. It was so clear and obvious, I laughed and said, “I see, Master, it’s only a Show!” I mean, we devotees know Master [Paramahansa Yogananda] tells us that we’re to look on the world as a dream, a movie, and not get wrapped up in it. But this was not a thought, it was a Get. I sat up on the side of the bed and looked around and thought, “And I am playing the part of an Old Man. Let me play it today with Joy!”

That’s the thing when the body’s seen eighty loops of (more…)

Life Is Short, Do What You Love!

December 24, 2009
Diane LaMere

Diane LaMere

In the late ’90s, I was writing catalog copy for Fingerhut, a part-time freelance job which I greatly enjoyed. The woman working next to me, Diane LaMere, was doing the same work but felt very differently about it. She found the work tedious and longed to spend her days painting instead.

One day, after she mentioned again how she didn’t want to be there, I asked if she needed to work at Fingerhut to put food on the table. No, she said, her husband could support them both if need be. “So why are you still here?” I asked. “What’s stopping you from doing what you love?”

The question startled her. She just looked at me and I could see the light bulb go on. In a matter of weeks, she had turned in her resignation and was gone.

Fast-forward ten years to this week when I received an e-mail out of the blue:

I don’t know if you remember but I used to sit next to you downstairs at Fingerhut. I really didn’t like the job much and I remember complaining about it to you and you said why don’t you quit and do something you like. And so I did. I am now (more…)

Dan Millman Tastes Enlightenment While Peeling a Grapefruit

October 18, 2009

Dan Millman

It was a joy to work with Dan Millman on this story for my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. As Dan’s story illustrates, enlightenment can come at the most unlikely times and in the most unlikely places. Here is an excerpt from Dan’s story, beginning with his bio.

Millman, a former world-champion gymnast, martial arts instructor, and college professor, has for three decades explored the heart of the spiritual traditions. His keynotes, seminars, and trainings present practical ways to live with a peaceful heart and warrior spirit. Millman’s twelve books have inspired millions of readers in twenty-nine languages, and his work has influenced people from all walks of life. His first book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, was made into a motion picture starring Nick Nolte. Click here to visit Dan’s website.

On an ordinary spring afternoon in 1967, I was sitting on a curb on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California, carefully peeling a pink grapefruit I had just purchased from the health food store behind me. In about an hour I would walk, with the help of a cane, down to Harmon Gymnasium to continue my strength-building and rehabilitation program. I was recovering from a badly broken leg, which I had injured in a motorcycle crash a few months before.

I was twenty-one years old, beginning my senior year of college. In that moment, though, I wasn’t thinking of past or future—I was just peeling that grapefruit, sitting on that curb, in a kind of peaceful reverie, watching the wheels of various cars drive by, noticing pieces of litter blowing in the street, and life was okay.

In the next instant, something happened. No (more…)