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If You Worry, You’ll Be Weary

December 24, 2011

Are you such a worrywart that you’re exhausted from all the worrying you do? If so, you’re burning up a whole lot of emotional energy for nothing. In fact, worse than nothing. Worrying saps your life force, ages you, and weakens your immune system. If you are not actively trying to abolish your worry habit, then at some level you value being consumed with worry and fear more than you value being happy and healthy.

Fretting about what could go wrong is a self-fulfilling prophecy that needlessly produces suffering. To make maters worse, worry bumps you out of the present moment, stripping you of your capacity to feel peaceful and loving. Worrying never helps and always hurts; it ruins good times, intensifies (more…)

Your Body or This Body?

December 13, 2011

"Spirit of the Elements" by Josephine Wall (

If you are hurting, or you’re exhausted, and you just can’t find the energy to do what you need to do, try this simple shift of perception: Instead of saying, “I’m in pain,” or “I’m tired,” tell yourself, “This body is in pain,” or “This body is tired.”

Thinking and speaking this way is a powerful reminder that who you are is far more than just your body. What’s more, it helps you (more…)