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The Joy of Being a Baseball Fan

April 25, 2009

casey-at-the-bat-cartoon-mudvilleCan “sports” and “spirituality” coexist in the same sentence? Absolutely! The adrenaline rush from an exciting game stirs something important in our souls, inspiring us to work harder and reach higher in our own lives.

When the Minnesota Twins made their playoff run in 1987, eventually becoming World Series champions, the entire state of Minnesota was emotionally sky-high for a full month. People were happier, more outgoing, more likely to strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger. After Game Seven of the World Series, I’ll never forget watching everyone outside the stadium celebrating, laughing and hugging each other—people they had never met before! I saw one guy high-fiving people from his car as he drove by. Even now, the memory of that time brings a smile to many a Minnesotan.

As that magical season unfolded, I wrote a tribute to the team called The Miracle Twins and followed that up with Thanks to the Twins after they disposed of the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games in the World Series. Fittingly, before the season had started, I had written a parody called Hrbek at the Bat, which was later published in (more…)