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An Online Strategy for Building Awareness of Your Life’s Work

August 28, 2009

woman-writing-a-book-longhandHave you written a book that you know will make a difference in the world? Are you an artist or musician who wants to make a positive contribution and touch people’s lives? If so, here are some tips that can help you share your gifts and build awareness of your work.

If you have a book, CD, artwork or other product you are trying to market, you need to build a platform: a multifaceted marketing approach that efficiently and effectively reaches your target audience. Building a platform is a make-or-break factor for publishers considering a book proposal. Authors today are expected to perform the majority of the marketing and promotion for their books.

Starting a blog is your all-important first step. A blog is the linchpin around which every other component of your platform will revolve. The more valuable the content on your blog, the more apt a reader will be to visit again and eventually become aware of your offerings.

What do you write about on your blog? Anything and everything that relates to the work you’re trying to do in the world. Include whatever you feel will add value to people’s lives. Write what you yourself would be interested in

Whatever you write, write from the heart. Be genuine and authentic. Social media is all about building relationships. If you use this strategy simply to sell products, it won’t work. People will see right through you. If you’re not interested in connecting with like-minded people one on one, do not read any further. (more…)