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Happy Half-Birthday!

September 9, 2009

baby-with-half-birthday-cakeEvery kid would like to have more than one birthday a year. Make that wish come true by remembering their half-birthday, which is six months after their real one. For instance, if their birthday is April 18, celebrate their half-birthday on October 18.

How? Get creative! Even though our daughter is now thirty, her mother and I still call her on her half-birthday and sing, “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to y.” We abruptly stop halfway through, which will make kids of all ages smile. I’ve cut a birthday card (and envelope) in half for my daughter on previous half-birthdays and her mom has ingeniously cut a present or two in half.

Half-birthdays are a fun way to celebrate all the special people in your life. Who wouldn’t like to be remembered and singled out as something special twice as often as usual?

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