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My Reiki Breakthrough!

August 12, 2008

I had always loved the concept of hands-on healing so I was excited to learn Reiki. As a massage therapist, I had always visualized universal healing energy flowing through me, concentrating in my hands, then flowing into the other person. And that, I learned, was the essence of Reiki!


Choku Rei symbol

For the first exercise in my Reiki Two class, the sixteen students split into eight pairs. Dee, the teacher, instructed those of us who chose to be “senders” to transmit healing energy (Choku Rei’s in Reiki terminology) to our partners, starting with our third eye to their third eye. I got impatient so I began firing off Choku Rei’s to my partner Jamie’s third eye before Dee gave us the green light. After a bit, I directed the energy to her heart, then elsewhere, and eventually back to her third eye.