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A Featherweight Performance

May 18, 2013

Just when I thought I’d seen everything that could amaze me, along comes Miyoko Shida, who performed an astonishing (more…)

Fallen Idol

March 9, 2012

In a March 2 online article for Entertainment Weekly, the newly minted Top 13 American Idol finalists were  asked, “What sets you apart from the other contestants? Jeremy Rosado replied, “I know that I have the favor of God, and that’s gonna get me farther than anything else.” Now, I don’t know exactly what Jeremy meant by that, but I imagine his comment alienated more than a few of the voting viewers. Come across as “holier than thou” on a TV talent show, even if that’s not what you intended to convey, and you might as well press the Eject button yourself. Sure enough, last night Jeremy became the first singer to be eliminated. Even though he wasn’t the most talented singer in the bunch, my heart goes out to him. I can only imagine the anguish and humiliation that come with being rejected on live TV, and especially at such a young age.

So what does “having the favor of God” really mean? Anyone can attain the favor of God simply by striving to live in attunement with peace, love, truth and beauty. As Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote:

Everyone shows harmony or disharmony according to how open he is to the music of the universe. The more he is open to all that is beautiful and harmonious, the more his life is tuned to that universal harmony, and the more he will show a friendly attitude towards everyone he meets, his very atmosphere will create music around him.

Having the favor of God is all about internal rewards, not external results. Loving God won’t directly help you win a singing contest, a football game or a book contract. What it will help you win is a (more…)

The Peace and Harmony Prayer

October 10, 2011

Brother Bhaktananda

Brother Bhaktananda, a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda from 1939 until his passing in 2005, was the minister of the Self-Realization Fellowship Hollywood Temple for thirty-five years. Brother Bhaktananda was well known for recommending the “Peace and Harmony” prayer to anyone wishing to heal a relationship of any kind. Here is the essence of his instructions:

Visualize the person or people who hurt you, and mentally surround them in divine light.

Then deeply pray, “Lord, fill (more…)