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Elves on a Ladder Truck

January 19, 2012

I love this heartwarming story by Thomas Horne of Maryland from HeroicStories, a free e-letter filled with wonderful accounts of human kindness. There are so many people in need of help and kindness. When life presents you with the opportunity to help, don’t hesitate to act. Even the smallest assistance can be life-changing.


December 24, 1988 our firehouse ambulance was racing in response to a baby being shaken out a window three stories in the air. Police were also en route. Dispatch relayed that the baby was being used to extort money from the mother. On arrival we indeed saw a baby being waved out a window by his feet three stories up.

As we ran up the stairs my partner said, “Distract the guy for a minute, I’ll get the baby.”

A crying 5-year-old child opened the door, “He’s hurting my brother!” I entered, speaking as calmly as I could. Wild-eyed, the assailant said, “Don’t touch me, cop, or I smash the (more…)