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The Salute

May 5, 2014

You wouldn’t expect a dialogue-free commercial for a supermarket chain to be so (more…)

Jin and Jorg

February 5, 2012


Today, the third day of a three-day seminar entitled “The Language of Impact,” in Los Angeles, I saw two of the one hundred twenty attendees talking to each other during a break. I walked up to Jin Robertson and Jorg Winterlach and said, “Excuse me, I just want to say that you both are amazing. You inspire me.” As the three of us talked for the next few minutes, I was thinking how incredible it was that our lives—Jin lives in South Korea, Jorg lives in Germany, and I live in California—had intersected at that moment in time.

Dr. Jin Kyu Robertson

Jin had come to America at age twenty-two in response to a South Korean newspaper ad looking for a housemaid. She had a one-way ticket, a hundred dollars, and very little English. Six years later, to escape her husband’s abuse, she entered the U.S. Army, where she rose to a rank of Major. She went on to earn a Ph.D. in International Relations History from Harvard. Her daughter followed in her footsteps, earning a Harvard degree and then entering the U.S. Army; she is now a Major serving in Pakistan. Jin is now Korea’s most popular motivational speaker, and her book, Major Dream: From Immigrant Housemaid to Harvard Ph.D., has sold more than half a million copies and prevented numerous suicides in Korea.

Jorg Winterlach

Jorg grew up in East Berlin under communism, forced to (more…)

Do You Have a Hero Within?

December 29, 2010

Would you brave an electric fence to step between an enraged bull and the woman he’s mauling? Would you go back once, twice, three times into a burning, sure-to-explode car to save its unconscious passengers? Would you jump into the track bed of a subway station as a train was rumbling in to save the life of an unconscious man on the tracks?

These people did. That’s why they were honored as heroes. Would you (more…)