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The $25 Plunge!

December 22, 2008

Umm, no, this isn't me. If this was me, I'd be plummeting down feet first while holding my nose

My daughter Erin had just finished sixth grade when I lost my job at a small investment management firm. Unemployment was stressful but the good part of it was that Erin and I spent many happy days at Shady Oak Beach that summer.

We would wade out to waist-deep water, where I would hold my nose, dive under the surface and lie face down on the sandy bottom. Erin would then step on my back and “Daddy surf,” never missing an opportunity to plant her foot on the back of my head and grind my face into the sand. I loved it!

From the beginning of the summer, Erin was determined to jump off the high diving board but kept on chickening out. I offered her $5 as a reward but she couldn’t muster the courage to do the deed. I upped it to $10, but she just couldn’t do it. Each time that she tried and failed I added another five bucks. Her bounty eventually swelled to $25, at which point I said that it would go no higher. Finally, on the last day of July, she took a deep breath and took the $25 plunge. Victory was sweet . . . and profitable!

Then, gulp, it was my turn. I had always been afraid of the water. More than once, I took swimming lessons as a kid but always flunked out. The thought of finding myself in water that was over my head panicked me. As an adult, I could manage to dogpaddle in deep water but was very uncomfortable doing so. (more…)