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The Pretense of Perfection

July 6, 2010

While you discern that life is unfolding perfectly as you walk your spiritual path, you do not make the egotistical, spiritually arrogant assumption that you yourself are perfect.

There is no worse sickness for the soul, o you who are proud, than this pretense of perfection.

On a soul level, of course, you are indeed perfect, but your spiritual development in the physical world requires (more…)

Yours for the Taking

May 31, 2010

The courage to honor your guidance requires a unique blend of faith, hope, trust, and obedience: faith that you are being pointed in the right direction, hope that the outcome will be rewarding, trust that it will, and obedience to the divine force that operates in your best interests.

Courage can’t see around corners, but goes about them anyway.
Mignon McLaughlin

Muffle your courage and you may be forever haunted by the dim realization that (more…)

A Cry From the Depths

March 6, 2010

An abiding faith in the perfection of God’s plan may be of little comfort when your body is wracked with unbearable pain or when the world is not large enough to contain your grief.

When we lose God, it is not God who is lost.

But it is the light of that faith, no matter how dimly it flickers in the darkness of your despair, that carries with it the promise of a better day.

However long the night, the dawn will break.
African proverb

In the throes of despair, the idea that time will heal your pain (more…)

Wrestle your Fear to the Ground!

February 15, 2010

Never turn away in fear from a challenge that must be faced. Fear can only be conquered if it is seized and wrestled to the ground. Shrink away from it and fear becomes your master.

Look into your fears, dare them to do their worst and cut them down when they try. If you don’t, they’ll clone themselves, mushroom till they surround you, choke the road to the life you want. Every turn you fear is empty air, dressed to look like jagged hell.
Richard Bach

Fear is the moat full of alligators between you and (more…)

David Wagner’s Daymaking Book Saves Another Life

October 4, 2009
Daymaker David Wagner

Daymaker David Wagner

David Wagner’s best-selling book, Life as a Daymaker: How to Change the World Simply by Making Someone’s Day, continues to touch and change lives!

Click here to watch my video interview with David, an internationally acclaimed hairstylist and owner of Juut Salonspas, about his successful battle with cancer.

On Thursday, David sent out a Facebook update, which he introduced by saying: “Does Daymaking change lives? Here is a letter I got today.”

Dear David,

My story (more…)