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Prayers from a Master

May 3, 2012

In recognition of the National Day of Prayer, I offer four brief prayers offering comfort and inspiration from the pen of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi and the founder of Self-Realization Fellowship. These excerpts are from Yogananda’s book, Where There is Light.

O Divine Teacher, let me realize that though the gloom of my ignorance be age-old, with the dawn of Thy light the darkness will (more…)

The Whisper Which Is Heard By You Alone

June 5, 2010

Intuition is the wellspring of creative inspiration. Every artistic achievement originated with the same creative impulse that produced all of existence.

To the artist is sometimes granted a sudden, transient insight which serves in this matter for experience. A flash, and where previously the brain held a dead fact, the soul grasps a living truth! At moments we are all artists.
Arnold Bennett

Encourage this creative impulse to take root inside you, allow it to (more…)

David Wagner’s Daymaking Book Saves Another Life

October 4, 2009
Daymaker David Wagner

Daymaker David Wagner

David Wagner’s best-selling book, Life as a Daymaker: How to Change the World Simply by Making Someone’s Day, continues to touch and change lives!

Click here to watch my video interview with David, an internationally acclaimed hairstylist and owner of Juut Salonspas, about his successful battle with cancer.

On Thursday, David sent out a Facebook update, which he introduced by saying: “Does Daymaking change lives? Here is a letter I got today.”

Dear David,

My story (more…)

Undeterred by MS, Lori Schneider Scales Mount Everest!

October 3, 2009



Lori Schneider approaches base camp on Mount Everest before reaching the summit

On May 23, 2009, fifty-two-year-old Lori Schneider became the first person in the world with multiple sclerosis to summit Mount Everest. Lori is also the first person with MS to complete the “Seven Summits” by scaling the highest peak on each continent.

Badly shaken by an MS diagnosis at forty-three, Lori left her old life in Steamboat Springs, Colorado behind, convinced she would soon be confined to a wheelchair. Determined to make the most of every healthy day she had left, she relocated to the small town of Bayfield, Wisconsin, where she conquered her fears and gained confidence in her body by (more…)

No Arms, No Legs, No Limits

November 9, 2008

There are always those who walk among us who inspire the world simply by making the best of whatever life has thrown at them. Nick Vujicic is such a man. May your day be (more…)

A Virtuous Life Generates a Virtuous Circle

September 26, 2008


Pursuing a spiritual life creates a virtuous circle. Your attitudes and behaviors become self-perpetuating. What does that look like? Here are four manifestations:

Thinking positively. Every loving thought you contribute to the universe incrementally raises your consciousness; the higher your consciousness, the greater the impact of your contribution and the likelier it becomes that your next thought will also be a positive one.

Consistent prayer. Every prayer elevates your consciousness, which brings you closer to God, which brings you (more…)