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Miss Iowa Goes to Washington

October 6, 2010

Love this story by Jayson Stark of One minute, Katherine Connors is relaxing in a hair salon in Iowa, the next minute she’s throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a major league baseball game in Washington D.C.!

Katherine Connors, aka Miss Iowa, became somewhat of a celebrity at Nationals Park this past summer, thanks to Nationals pitcher Miguel Batista (photo credit: Rafael Suanes/US Presswire)

It was one of those tales that gave a whole new meaning to the expression “the beauty of baseball.”

It all started with [rookie pitching sensation] Stephen Strasburg feeling “discomfort” while he was warming up for his July 27 start for the Nationals.

Whereupon ever-erudite reliever Miguel Batista was forced to head for the mound instead and found himself getting booed by 40,000 people who hadn’t planned on turning their life savings over to StubHub to see Miguel Batista pitch.

Whereupon Batista, afterward, would utter the words that changed Katherine Connors’ life: “Imagine,” he said, “if you go to see Miss Universe, then you end up having Miss Iowa. You might get those kind of boos.” Uh-ohhh.

So the next day, 1,000 miles from the scene of the quote, Miss Iowa USA, Katherine Connors, was hanging out in a salon, getting her hair done, when the texts started.

“They said, ‘They’re talking about (more…)