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Kevin + Baseball Cards = Living the Dream

January 9, 2010

Kevin Schafer at Dugout Sportscards, his home away from home

Two days ago, I stopped at a St. Cloud strip mall and noticed a sign reading “Dugout” with a baseball in place of the “O.” As a former baseball card collector and dealer, I was intrigued.

I walked into the shop, looked at the proprietor behind the counter and said, “You look familiar, what’s your name?” When he said, “Kevin,” I shouted “Lefty!” Yep, it was Kevin Schafer, a high school buddy whom I hadn’t seen in decades. Kevin was part of a small group of friends I had hung out with all through tenth and eleventh grade.

It was great to catch up with Kevin. I had no idea he was into baseball and baseball cards so heavily. Those were my passions as a kid, so stepping into a baseball card store was like stepping back in time and feeling like a kid in a candy store.

I enjoyed watching Kevin in action. He was having the time of his life! He gregariously welcomed every customer, young and old, with a big smile and some good-natured ribbing. He clowned around with the kids and made them grin like they were talking to Santa. Yep, put a white beard on Kevin and voila!—Santa Cards!

When Kevin had a minute, he told me his story, still smiling. He had (more…)