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Let Go of the Coconut!

August 1, 2010

This monkey story is a great analogy for learning how to let go. It’s in the book, Awakening Joy: 10 Steps That Will Put You on the Road to Real Happiness by James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander.

In Asia there is a clever way of trapping monkeys that offers a helpful clue for getting out of a rut in the mind. A coconut, hollowed out and with a hole in one end, is filled with sweets and tied to a stake. The monkey comes along, smells the sweets, sticks its hand in and grabs a fistful. Though the hole is big enough for an open hand to get through, it’s too small for a fistful of sweets to get out. Even as the monkey hears the humans coming and starts to panic, it (more…)