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Serving Through Love, Loving Through Service

September 26, 2010

During a break in a healing workshop yesterday, I gave a shoulder rub and face massage to a friend of mine. As I was working on her, I imagined I was applying healing energy and loving intention to her spirit during the darkest moments of her life. She had lost her husband under tragic circumstances at the hands of a corrupt political regime in her homeland, then later moved to America where she worked tirelessly to learn English and support her child, living in a state of perpetual anxiety and fear for the first few years. I cannot even begin to comprehend the magnitude of the hardships she endured. But what I could do was offer a bit of loving kindness for a few minutes.

We can all do this. In fact, we do this all the time. When we (more…)

Be a Walking, Talking Fountain of Love!

November 9, 2009

clasped-hands-holding-light-butterflyWhile talking to my friend, Liz, at our favorite restaurant, she mentioned that her back was tight, so I asked her if she wanted a ten-minute chair massage. She certainly did! Later that day, she e-mailed me this:

I noticed a strange sensation while you gave me a massage today… I just felt so loved and comforted… and I remembered the time you told me about practicing sending love to a person for 5 minutes at a time. I wondered if you do that during a massage… Do you intentionally ‘project love’ into your massage-ees while you work on them?

Liz is a perceptive young woman! That’s exactly what I do. As I start to massage someone, I ask God to guide my soul to meet the other person’s soul on a bridge of light between our hearts. I visualize the two of us meeting halfway on that bridge and embracing in divine friendship. I also pray, “God, let (more…)

Have Massage Table, Will Travel!

September 7, 2009

woman-getting-massageI’ve been a certified massage therapist since 1992. If you’re looking for a healing, nurturing Swedish massage, I’m your guy!

Click here to set up a time for me to bring my massage table to your home. I charge $65 for an hour-long, full-body massage. Why do I call what I do “Heart to Heart” massage? Because of this experience.

Please note that, due to allergies, I cannot come to homes where there is smoking or cats, and especially not smoking cats.

What can you expect from my massage? I have a deep, yet gentle, healing touch. My goal is to give every client the most wonderful massage they’ve ever had. In an earlier post, I described my massage like this:

One of my massage clients, a wealthy businessman, broke the silence fifteen minutes into his massage at a local hotel by casually remarking, “Isn’t this (more…)

Be A Nurturing Force in the World

March 8, 2009

face-massageOne of my massage clients, a wealthy businessman, broke the silence fifteen minutes into his massage at a local hotel by casually remarking, “Isn’t this odd. I’ve had massage all over the world and never experienced anything quite like this. It’s almost . . . what’s the word I’m looking for . . . it’s almost . . . maternal.”

Years later on a Sunday afternoon, at my favorite restaurant, I was working my way around the table giving my four dining companions mini-massages while they sat in their chairs. After I gave a face massage to one woman whom I had just met that morning, she said in wonderment, “No one has ever touched me like that except (more…)

Be Empathetic AND Energetic!

November 17, 2008

painted-hands-clasping-empathyAt dinner the other night, a friend told me that she was so empathic that she took on others’ emotional pain when she was in their presence. She had been wired like that her entire life and viewed it as a good thing, even though she often felt drained and overwhelmed in the aftermath of such an encounter.

Certainly, while there is value in connecting so intimately and vulnerably with another human being, the downside of becoming so emotionally entwined is that you may not be clear-headed enough to help the other person—unless, of course, you both consider it most helpful to sob on each others’ shoulder, which very well may be the case. Indeed, sometimes a good cry can do you both a world of good.

Where being hyper-empathic tends to be more problematic is in the field of bodywork—massage, energy healing, etc. How often have you heard such a practitioner say that they feel drained after a session, or that they’ve taken on the client’s “bad energy”? (more…)

Completing the Circle With Chuck

August 9, 2008

sunset-over-roadIt was a beautiful March day. But when I picked up the phone I knew that somebody somewhere was dying. It was Ann Lutgen, an Allina Hospice coordinator. As a hospice volunteer and certified massage therapist, I get called when a terminally ill patient is in need of healing touch. “We have a fifty-eight-year-old man with lung cancer,” Ann said. “He’s having trouble breathing, which causes him to panic. His family thought massage might help.” “Sure, I can see him in the next few days,” I told her. “What’s his name?” When Ann said, “Charles Potuznik,” I froze. Oh, my God, I thought. That has to be Chuck.