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A Shot in the Dark

March 16, 2009

Matt Steven: Hoops hero!

I love this piece by ESPN columnist RIck Reilly. It’s easy to forget that people who live with disabilities often want nothing more than to simply fit in with “normal” society, to be part of a group instead of being permanently relegated to the sidelines. I can’t imagine what that’s like, nor can I fully appreciate the exhilaration that Matt Steven surely felt on this magical day.

A few seconds left. The game teeters on these two free throws. The shooter gulps. The packed gym goes silent, save for the tapping of a white cane on the back of the rim. That’s right. The shooter’s brother is under the hoop, rapping a cane on the rim. That’s because the shooter, Matt Steven, is blind.

So why is a blind kid in a competitive CYO game for sighted high schoolers in Upper Darby, Pa.? Because he doesn’t like to miss anything — especially free throws.

Matt, a senior, had been on the St. Laurence CYO team for a year and never played in a game — never expected to. “He just likes being on the team,” says Matt’s brother and coach, Joe. Matt shoots free throws every practice, though, making about half. And that’s what gave Joe a crazy, unthinkable, wonderful idea.

Before a charity tourney this past February, Joe asked the other teams if Matt could shoot all of St. Laurence’s free throws. Amazingly, (more…)