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Of Heartache, Hope and Heroes

December 26, 2011

In this three-minute video from Guideposts, author Tricia Goyer recalls how she collected inspirational stories of World War II veterans for her novel, Remembering You.

Goyer, who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, shared the behind-the-scenes details of her meetings with World War II vets in Guideposts magazine. By wading into the soldiers’ pasts, she unintentionally set in motion a poignant coda to a powerful story.

A romance novelist listened to the memories of World War II veterans whose inspiring stories were waiting to be told

Tricia Goyer

With every one of the 12 hours it took me to get to Kalamazoo, Michigan, my doubts grew. I was a young mom of three, an aspiring romance novelist who’d yet to commit more than a few chapters of a book to paper—let alone get a publisher interested. What business did I have attending a reunion of World War II vets, interviewing them about one of the most troubling times in human history? Now here I was, at the hotel, wondering if my trip was a big mistake. These veterans might not warm up to you right away, I warned myself, walking into the lobby.

A man saw me and rushed over. “Are you (more…)