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A Trip Down Memory Lane at St. John’s

October 15, 2012
The church at St. John's University (courtesy of Jon Nelson)

The church at St. John’s University (courtesy of Jon Nelson,

After spending the weekend working at a client’s home in Long Prairie, I headed home to St. Cloud this afternoon. I expected to be home in an hour, but when I saw the exit sign for St. John’s University, I felt a magnetic pull to visit the campus. I had attended St. John’s Prep School in ninth grade and still loved the feeling of driving toward campus and seeing the church and other landmarks come into view. It was a beautiful fall day and a perfect opportunity to walk the campus and reminisce. I took the opportunity to record a few quick videos on my laptop to capture the memories!




This football field was the site of (more…)

We See Nothing But Sand

December 8, 2011

Today is an ordinary day. Think back to another ordinary day ten years ago. You woke up, started your routine, did what you do every day, and hit the pillow like you do every night.

Yet, if you could have that ten-year-old day back, I bet you’d like to do things differently. For starters:

• Who would you track down to say “I love you”?

• Who would you have spent time with and what would you have done together?

• What goal or dream of yours would you have taken time to advance?

The good news is, you have today, another ordinary day, to answer and act on these questions, to ensure that ten years from now you will look back on today with satisfaction rather than regret.

Make this ordinary day extraordinary:

• Tell someone—no, tell (more…)