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Bumbling is Humbling

October 31, 2010

Once I get past my initial dismay over making a dumb mistake or a poor decision, I feel gratitude for having made it. Rather than beat myself up for my errors, I challenge myself to look for the lessons in the mess I just made. Whether you believe that specific things happen in order to deliver specific lessons is irrelevant. No matter what the circumstances are, a brief excursion into introspection never fails to produce ideas on how I can become better and how I can avoid screwing up like that the next time the opportunity presents itself.

It constantly happens that the Lord permits a soul to fall so that it may grow humbler.
Saint Teresa of Avila

My mistakes remind me that perfection is an unreasonable goal and that humility is a necessary portal to enlightenment. Humility in no way (more…)

Don’t Kick Yourself—Ask Three Questions Instead

June 29, 2009

large-rose-colored-glasses-on-beachA friend recently confessed that he had resumed an addiction he thought he’d conquered years ago. In the not-too-distant past, I would have reacted judgmentally. Instead, my heart went out to him, imagining the shame and vulnerability he must be feeling.

In the last few years, I have been so humbled by life that judging others for such shortcomings has become unthinkable. I’m very happy with the life I’ve built and with who I am, yet there are areas of my life in which, from all objective standards, I have failed miserably.

True, I’ve (more…)