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Your Turn, Yogananda

September 20, 2009

The image of Paramahansa Yogananda I keep on my desktop

One of the word processing files I had open on my laptop Friday was obscuring much of the image of Paramahansa Yogananda that I always keep visible on my desktop. Like I’ve done a thousand times before, I clicked on Yogananda’s image to bring it to the front so I could see it clearly.

Much to my amazement, the instant I clicked on it, the image began to move. It rotated to the right an eighth of a turn, paused, then continued rotating until it came to rest at a full quarter turn from where it started.

I gaped at the screen, not moving for a full thirty seconds, while I tried to process what I had just seen. If there was a logical reason why what just happened happened, I could not for the life of me figure out what that might be.

Yes, there was a Rotate Right command in the pulldown menu under the Tools menu at the top of the screen but I hadn’t even come close to clicking near the Tools menu, much less the pulldown menu that would have followed, which also would have required a click. And even if I had miraculously clicked on the Rotate Right command, the rotation would have been instantaneous, not gradual with a pause halfway through.

My mind raced back and forth: Was it a computer glitch or did something profound just happen? After all, I had had amazing energetic experiences regarding Yogananda before. Ultimately, I (more…)

A Fourth of July to Remember!

August 2, 2008

fireworksIt was the Fourth of July. I was home alone. Work had prevented me from joining my wife, Kate, and daughter, Erin, on our traditional trip to northern Minnesota. We rarely missed a Fourth of July celebration in Kate’s hometown.

Early that afternoon, I laid down on the bed to close my eyes and mentally sketch out the rest of my day. Two minutes later, I heard Kate’s voice cheerfully calling out, “Hi, Phil!” Her greeting was loud and clear, as if she were standing right in front of me. The kicker was, I heard her voice inside my head.