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A Fond Farewell to Wisconsin Dells

October 1, 2008
Erin methodically cleaned my clock in miniature golf

Erin methodically cleaned my clock in miniature golf

It was Erin’s hole-in-one on the 16th hole that erased all hope. When she followed that up with a two on the 17th hole, I was officially toast. As she calmly sank her last putt to cinch a three-stroke victory, I dropped to my knees, stretched out my arms and humbly and repeatedly bowed at her feet in homage to the newly crowned queen of miniature golf. Grinning and turning beet red, she stage-whispered, “Okay, okay, that’s enough, Dad!”

And so began our farewell tour in Wisconsin Dells on a Sunday evening in August 2001. We had first vacationed there when Erin was eleven and had immediately fallen in love with the town, which she had aptly described as “one big amusement park.” Sure, it was block after block of pure schlock, but to a sixth-grader it was Kid Heaven. With a fudge shop and a miniature golf course on every corner, every day was Saturday in the Dells!