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Six Minutes

January 6, 2012

This afternoon at the place where I volunteer, I overheard two women I know who are a bit older than me mention that they were tired and dragging. Since I’m a certified massage therapist, I asked if they’d like a neck-and-shoulder rub in the lunchroom. (I do three-minte shoulder massages for yoga students at a nearby yoga studio three times a week in exchange for free classes.) Both enthusiastically accepted my offer.

During the seated-chair massages, each of which lasted about six minutes, I learned that one woman’s husband had been (more…)

The Tao of Touch

May 12, 2011

One reason why I enjoy working as a certified massage therapist is because it’s a wonderful way to receive the benefits of nurturing touch, even though I’m the only one doing the touching. Connecting with another human being in that way is therapeutic to both the giver and receiver. If you’re single—or sadly, often even if you’re in a relationship—chances are that you are touch deprived, often severely so. I like the way that Marge Piercy addresses the issue in this poem.

by Marge Piercy

What magic does touch create
that we crave it so. That babies
do not thrive without it. That
the nurse who cuts tough nails
and sands calluses on the elderly
tells me sometimes men weep
as she rubs lotion on their feet.

Yet the touch of a stranger
the (more…)

Be A Nurturing Force in the World

March 8, 2009

face-massageOne of my massage clients, a wealthy businessman, broke the silence fifteen minutes into his massage at a local hotel by casually remarking, “Isn’t this odd. I’ve had massage all over the world and never experienced anything quite like this. It’s almost . . . what’s the word I’m looking for . . . it’s almost . . . maternal.”

Years later on a Sunday afternoon, at my favorite restaurant, I was working my way around the table giving my four dining companions mini-massages while they sat in their chairs. After I gave a face massage to one woman whom I had just met that morning, she said in wonderment, “No one has ever touched me like that except (more…)