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The Power of One

December 25, 2011

Knowledge is power. Well, kind of sort of. Knowledge opens the door to wisdom, which spiritualizes experiences, which is the gateway to enlightenment . . . and when you reconnect with the Source of all that is, you will finally know true power.

That was the thought process I had upon reading this enchanting parable told by Hazrat Inayat Khan, a Sufi teacher from India. I hope you enjoy it!


A young lad was sent to school. He began his lessons with the other children, and the first lesson the teacher set him was the straight line, the figure “one.” But whereas the others went on progressing, this child continued writing the same figure. After two or three days the teacher came up to him and said, “Have you finished your lesson?” He said, “No, I am still writing ‘one.'” He went on doing the same thing, and when at the end of the week the teacher asked him again he said, “I have not yet finished it.” The teacher thought he was an idiot and should be sent away, as he could not or did not want to learn.

At home the child continued with the same exercise, and the parents (more…)