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Open Your Heart and Listen

September 29, 2009

It was a joy to attend Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe‘s Creating a Life of Love workshop this past weekend. I had first attended one of Ibrahim’s workshops in 1998, which was truly a life-changing event. Not only did I come away with exciting new insights about love and healing, but Ibrahim also worked with me personally to open my heart more fully. Since then, I have made much progress, although my ultimate goal of always coming from my heart seemed like a distant dream more than an attainable goal.

On Sunday, while Ibrahim was talking about going deeper and further opening our hearts, it struck me that the major obstacle in my way was me. Or more precisely, my ego: that part of me that was more concerned with impressing others and gaining their approval and recognition.

You will not make significant progress on a spiritual path until you align ourselves more with spirit than with ego. The more you empty yourself of ego and your own self-importance, the more room there is for spirit.

Spirit and ego are polar opposites. When the soul identifies with the mind and body, it (more…)

Turning Adversaries Into Allies

August 6, 2008

coworkers-talking-smilingI loved my job but one of my coworkers didn’t like me much. I dreaded running into her—her disdain was almost palpable. But what bothered me more was knowing there was someone in the world whose mere presence made me tense.

Then it hit me. If I couldn’t change the way she felt about me, I would change the way I felt about her. I decided to change the energy between us by bathing her in love every time I saw her. The next time I encountered her in the hallway, I sent her loving energy from my heart and envisioned her surrounded by light and love.  

Such a simple shift in perspective made a world of difference! Instead of dreading the sight of her, I now looked forward to seeing her! That constant source of tension disappeared and I was free to fearlessly roam the halls once again.

Did she treat me any differently? Hard to say. I do think her attitude softened a bit. The point was, her attitude no longer affected me. And on some level, I know without question that the loving energy I sent her way had a healing effect. After all, that’s what loving energy does.