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Becky Sturm: Sinking Is Not an Option

April 19, 2011

Becky Sturm

As William Arthur Ward noted, “Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” Like hundreds of thousands of others, Becky Sturm’s career was bodyslammed by the recession. But she not only got up off the mat, she fought back. I love never-say-die stories like this, in which an entrepreneur does whatever it takes to reinvent herself. Bravo, Becky!

During an interview with Becky, she told me her story:

Getting a loan to improve the cash flow of StormSister Spatique, my three-year-old St. Paul boutique, should have been a slam dunk. I had borrowed $20,000 from Cherokee Bank two years earlier and paid it back in eleven months. So when my banker called and told me my loan request had been denied, I laughed and said, “You (more…)

The Real-Life Rocky

February 20, 2010

Rocky Bleier, home from Vietnam, is introduced at a Pittsburgh game as a former Steeler

Before the end of his first season in the NFL, running back Rocky Bleier was drafted and shipped over to Vietnam, where he served with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade.

On August 20, 1969, while on patrol in Heip Duc, Bleier was shot in the left thigh when his platoon was ambushed in a rice paddy. Bleier’s day was about to get a whole lot worse. In the above ESPN video, Bleier recalls what happened four hours later: With his unit nearly surrounded and heavily outnumbered, he saw a grenade flying through the air.

It hits my commanding officer right on the back. He scrambles up to crouch away, and it bounces off and rolls to where now I am lying. And so I get up and jump to get out of the way, and as I do, it rolls right underneath me and I’m standing on top of it, and it blows up. Boom! through my right foot and my right knee and into my groin.

Bleier was later awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. In October 1969, home (more…)

Wrestle your Fear to the Ground!

February 15, 2010

Never turn away in fear from a challenge that must be faced. Fear can only be conquered if it is seized and wrestled to the ground. Shrink away from it and fear becomes your master.

Look into your fears, dare them to do their worst and cut them down when they try. If you don’t, they’ll clone themselves, mushroom till they surround you, choke the road to the life you want. Every turn you fear is empty air, dressed to look like jagged hell.
Richard Bach

Fear is the moat full of alligators between you and (more…)