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In the Key of Genius

March 22, 2012

Derek Paravicini

I got chills watching this 60 Minutes piece on Derek Paravacini, a blind, brain-damaged piano prodigy. I would be surprised if anyone on the planet can do what Derek does with such effortless joy. My favorite part was hearing Adam Ockelford, his piano teacher, recall the first time he met three-year-old Derek and the moment when he realized that the boy “wasn’t (more…)

Hee Ah Lee—Four Fingers, Huge Heart

April 1, 2009


The amazing Hee Ah Lee

What do you do when you’re born with two digits on each hand and your legs are amputated at the knees when you’re three? Well, if you’re Hee Ah Lee, you become a concert pianist. She is (more…)