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Praise Brings Peace

March 22, 2014


Calmly and joyously welcoming whatever life brings to you requires a major shift in understanding, perception, and attitude.

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.
Lao Tzu

Try this exercise: Think of the most difficult situation you have ever had to contend with. From the depths of your being, thank God for (more…)

Note to Bosses: Mix In Some Drive-By Praising!

February 11, 2010

How often does your boss pull you aside and rave about the great job you’re doing? Probably as often as Halley’s Comet streaks by, right? If bosses knew what was good for them, they’d make more of an effort to be good to you. I love the way Tires Plus founder Tom Gegax lays this out in the book I wrote with him, The Big Book of Small Business. (Be sure to send your boss a link to this post!)


How to be a better leader begins with learning how to be a better human being. Don’t pay attention just when people are screwing up. Add some drive-by praising into the mix. When you notice what they’re doing well, they’ll listen to your constructive criticism in the right spirit. They’ll think, My boss is a good guy and he’s always fair, so if he’s got something to say I wanna hear it.

7) I’ll pay for it. Let’s get this straight. You think keeping your mouth shut will dissuade people from thinking better of themselves, and therefore less likely to ask for a raise? Baloney. Motivated people perform better. That leads to a healthier culture, higher morale, and higher profits. The real cost you pay is for not dishing praise.

There simply wasn’t anyone better than Dorie Thrall, my executive assistant at Tires Plus. She was smart, quick, and dogged. She knew when I needed help before I even knew I needed help. One morning I called her into my office. “Dorie,” I said, “I just wanted to tell you I (more…)