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Tears in the Laundry Room

September 25, 2008

I’m a regular at Ecopolitan, a raw food restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis. Well, that’s probably an understatement. I pretty much live there. It’s like Cheers—everybody there knows my name and I know theirs. I like bringing my laptop to Eco and working from there (free wifi!) instead of working in isolation at home.

One of the always cheerful servers there is Ali Glad. She’s always warm and welcoming and a pleasure to talk to. She asked to buy a copy of my book the other day and sent me the following e-mail soon after. It’s so rewarding to know that a project that was a labor of love for me is touching so many people in deep and meaningful ways. Thanks, Ali!

I opened your book on Tuesday afternoon in the laundry room. I knew I had a good (more…)