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Your Heart Can Heal the World

September 30, 2009

two-hands-holding-a-glowing-heartI had no idea that Jennifer, a woman I had just met, would be the catalyst for an incredibly powerful and moving experience.

Right before the lunch break in Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe’s workshop on Sunday, he asked us to choose a partner for an exercise in sending love. Jennifer was sitting closest to me so we partnered up, adjusting our chairs so that we were facing each other knee to knee. Per Ibrahim’s instructions, I began sending loving energy to Jennifer, who was supposed to describe what she was feeling.

Years before, I had participated in a similar exercise in a Reiki II class, an experience that erased any skepticism I had about my (more…)

It’s Reiki Time!

April 28, 2009

remotely-sending-reiki-energyThat remarkable day in my Reiki Two class when I successfully sent and received energy, the teacher casually mentioned something that sounded both very outrageous and very cool. She said that because divine energy operates beyond the constraints of space and time, we could remotely send Reiki energy to people back in, say, 1948 . . . or to someone five minutes or five years from now. So if a friend was having difficulty healing from a physical or emotional trauma, we could send loving energy to them at the time that they were actually experiencing the crisis, which would retroactively aid in their healing process.


On one hand, did I mention how (more…)

My Reiki Breakthrough!

August 12, 2008

I had always loved the concept of hands-on healing so I was excited to learn Reiki. As a massage therapist, I had always visualized universal healing energy flowing through me, concentrating in my hands, then flowing into the other person. And that, I learned, was the essence of Reiki!


Choku Rei symbol

For the first exercise in my Reiki Two class, the sixteen students split into eight pairs. Dee, the teacher, instructed those of us who chose to be “senders” to transmit healing energy (Choku Rei’s in Reiki terminology) to our partners, starting with our third eye to their third eye. I got impatient so I began firing off Choku Rei’s to my partner Jamie’s third eye before Dee gave us the green light. After a bit, I directed the energy to her heart, then elsewhere, and eventually back to her third eye.