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Praise Brings Peace

March 22, 2014


Calmly and joyously welcoming whatever life brings to you requires a major shift in understanding, perception, and attitude.

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.
Lao Tzu

Try this exercise: Think of the most difficult situation you have ever had to contend with. From the depths of your being, thank God for (more…)

Reframe, Reflect, Rejoice!

May 5, 2009

man-on-rocks-beach-arms-raised-to-sky-cloudsPeople often ask me how I stay so happy and positive. The short answer is:

Imagine the worst thing that can possibly happen in your life. Step into it and feel the horror of what that must be like. If that terrible event did indeed happen, would you give everything you own—would you give your very life—to have your old life back, the life you have right now?

Keep this thought in the back of your mind and (more…)