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Twin Sisters Reunited by Fate

December 7, 2009

Together again: Meredith Grace and Meredith Ellen

The word “soulmate” is not the exclusive province of romance. I love this story by Susannah Meadows on Newsweek’s website about twin girls born in China who found each other four years later in the U.S. Here is the mildly abridged story.


Separated at birth, twin sisters born in China never doubted that they were somehow part of a pair. Four years, two continents, and a high-speed Internet connection later, they finally met their match.

This story beats love at first sight. Two people longed for each other, though they may have never met. They felt connected though they may never have touched. They’d even been given the same first names, though their families were strangers. By the time Meredith Grace Rittenhouse and Meredith Ellen Harrington were finally introduced, love was almost beside the point. Their bond was more mysterious, more fundamental. The Merediths are Chinese fraternal twins who were adopted by two different American families. The girls found each other (more…)